Club Visits

Club Visits


Coxes and coaches - get in touch to arrange for Katie or Zoe to visit your club. We can then discuss your specific requirements, and can be very flexible depending on what your individual club needs. These visits can include activities such as: 

-Accompanying the coach during a water session to work with one or multiple coxes

-Jumping in to cox boats as and when necessary to further aid the crew's development

-Off-water sessions with one or multiple coxes to listen to tapes and discuss any area of coxing

-Talks targeted for specific races such as the Tideway Head of the River Races or the Head of the Charles, covering topics such as steering, marshalling, and developing a race plan

To organize a club visit, please "purchase" a session (at no expense) which will provide a form requesting details for the club visit. Once you submit the form, we will contact you to arrange price, date, etc.