Bursaries and Discounted Prices

At Chattercox we are committed to helping coxes improve their skills, and to guiding coaches and clubs in the best way to do this. We are aware that some individuals and organisations may not be in a position to pay the prices listed on this website, so we would like to be able to offer a limited number of sessions on a bursary system.

Our bursaries will operate on a "pay-what-you-can" basis. Once we have approved your bursary application we can discuss how much this might be - from nothing at all, or covering our costs (ie travel expenses) for a club visit, to whatever you think you can afford. 

If you believe you are eligible for a bursary then please email us on chattercox@gmail.com explaining a little about your situation and what kind of service we can help you with. Please be aware that we unfortunately can not offer all our services for free, so only apply if you or your club are in true need of bursary support.