We met trialling with Oxford University Boat Club (OUBC) for the 2012 Boat Race. The precision and intensity of the coaching and trialling (and the fact that Katie got carsick in the minibus and Zoë drove to practice every day) led to countless hours talking over coaching feedback and our own experiences in the boat. We recognized the benefit of coxing-specific coaching, and we increasingly recognized the value of having a strong cox as a teammate. Now, we are working to increase the number of coxes with access to similar growth opportunities. This includes personalized coaching sessions for coxes of all levels and information sessions for coaches to increase their capacity to deliver actionable feedback to their coxes. We are poised to share our knowledge through individualized coaching to empower coxes at various levels and clubs to tackle all aspects of their role with confidence and skill.


Drawing on our experiences as coxes and coaches, we provide personal feedback on recordings, one-on-one video or in-person coaching sessions, and club visits. We ask coxes to provide the cox's experience, background information and specific details of the tape (i.e. practice/tech row, race pieces, or a race), and the focus for both the cox and the crew in that outing. From there, we will provide written and/or video conference feedback to help the cox measure where he or she is, make new goals, and form a strategy for achieving those goals. One-on-one sessions can include feedback on specific recordings and can go beyond to discuss race plans, race strategies, or general coxing techniques.

Where we've raced

  • Olympic Games
  • World Rowing Championships
  • U23 World Rowing Championships
  • Boat Race (Championship Course: London, UK)
  • Henley Royal Regatta (Thames River: Henley-on-Thames, UK)
  • Head of the Charles (Charles River: Boston, MA)
  • San Diego Crew Classic (Mission Bay, California)
  • Junior World Rowing Championships
  • European Rowing Championships
  • Australian Youth Olympic Festival (Sydney, Australia)
  • Eights Head/Women's Head/Fours Head (Tideway: London, UK)
  • Heineken Cup, (Amstel River: Amsterdam, ND)
  • Canadian Henley Regatta (St. Catharines, Canada)
  • ECAC Championships
  • US Rowing Elite Championships
  • British National Championships
  • Windermere Cup (Seattle, Washington)